BCY Running

BCY Running

Begin the fun, Join the run/Begin the run with serious fun

We, at BootCamp YELLOW have always welcomed, valued pain 

         the pain of living unfit lives

         the pain of not fitting in your jeans

         the pain of huffing through stairs

         the pain of seeing the increasing numbers on scale which essentially births the sweet pain of sweat

         the pain of killing those I cant’s

         the pain of waking up before the sun

         the pain of birthing a new you


We have been working tirelessly every day since the summer of 2013 to create a young, fit, social community of fitness enthusiasts and certified coaches working through training programmes suitable for every age group ( 12-65 years), for every goal ( basic fitness to Ultra marathon), for every fitness level ( beginner to expert)

We provide professional guidance and support, 1-1 coaching, specially designed running programs, organized social groups to those interested in beginning their fitness journey, developing the right running technique - be it short distance, marathons or everyday run.

Consistency, power and speed are as essential for running as determination is for building a wall. Carefully optimized running schedules combined with strength and conditioning ensures –

         Progressive sustainable performance

         Decreasing recovery time

         Reduced injury risk

         Preservation of lean tissue mass

         Boosting confidence and progress in every sphere of life

The designed programmes are surely not easy. They are challenging but also super fun. They kick (tone ;)) butts. They will push your mental and personal limitations. They will sharpen and condition your physical abilities - strength, speed, endurance and mobility in a way that a new, evolved, transformed version of you is unleashed not only the running track but in this never-ending, relentless race of life.

Gurugram’s leading, most dynamic outdoor fitness group, BootCamp Yellow offers varied fitness challenges catering to every need and age - from exhilarating outdoor class groups, to corporate fitness programs, to BCY kids to elite personal training. All you need is determination and will, BootCamp Yellow’s skill and expertise will take care of everything else.



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