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See what our members have to say about Boot Camp Yellow Services .We actively seek client feedback from every project we undertake and we consistently receive positive feedback. The scores say it all: 95% of our clients rate our service overall as either good or excellent.


BootCamp YELLOW for me is an institution full of many inspirational and transformational stories which makes me believe that with proper coaching and guidance, no target is unachievable.   I find BCY as one big happy family wherein everyone celebrates each other’s success and always encourage & push each other to keep performing better. The trainers plan the workouts in such a way that it challenges everyone to the limit and surprises us every time with what our body is actually capable of achieving.   I have been associated with the BCY family for almost an year now and it’s so addictive that every time you miss out a workout session you tend to feel guilty about yourself. Working out in the outdoor is the best part about BCY. Every BCY session ends up draining out last bit of energy from your body & at the same time leaves you with a sense of accomplishment of doing something which you never would have imagined you were capable of. I will strongly recommend BCY to everyone who is not looking for monotonous GYM work out.   Long live Burpees. Long live BCY.

- Abhay

Saturday morning, which means a nice long run and a fantastic training session. I'd like to share with you all a little about the benefits I've seen from Training and Running, to hopefully inspire some of my friends. My recent Body Composition Analysis tests show the following: 1. My body age is three years younger than my actual age (which is great news!) We'll not discuss my mental age in this post. 2. My body fat percentage is now a very healthy 15% 3. My muscle mass percentage is a very respectable 36% 4. A raft of medication for depression and anxiety attacks; and corticosteroids for allergies, had left me bloated and pushed my weight to 84 Kgs. Now I'm at a healthy 71 kgs. Even two or three years ago, these numbers would have seemed wildly ambitious and out of reach. Till I actually started going out and working on myself. I took small steps. Yoga, diet discipline - avoiding junk, eating healthy, eliminating processed sugar, giving up alcohol and smoking. I still have a long way to go in terms of building strength and endurance, but I see results and I know I can meet my goals. If you've been aspiring to get fitter, I'll say this - just start - that is the hardest part. And then stick to it - that is the second hardest. Along this journey, I've met plenty of people who have guided and inspired me. Jatin, Hina, Anjali, Renu, Nitin, Mehak Kapoor and Rohit - my coaches, I've learned a lot from you (and also been through untold agony 'cos of " one more round"!). All my friends at BootCamp YELLOW - training alongside you is the best start to my day. As we test our limits, often screaming in pain, I find great strength in the encouragement we give to each other to complete the round, and the one after. The sense of belonging, of community, is second to none. I proudly call myself


BootCamp YELLOW is an outdoor fitness program which includes strength training, stretching and cardio exercises which sculpt your body muscles. These workout also helps to reduce weight. It gives constant motivation, positive reinforcement and a fun safe environment to the  people of various fitness level & ages. The benefit of BootCamp is astonishing as it provide whole body workout that builds strength and endurance in the fresh air early in the morning. One can stay fit for the entire life by exercising with little or no equipment and following the nutritional tips provided by the BCY team. BCY attracts me because every session offers more challenging and varied workout. They have a strong team of coaches who put their 100% effort to make the people strong. Even I'm busy in getting stronger with BCY from past 6 months and has observed tremendous change in myself.

- Pooja

“I have always been enthralled with outdoor workouts. And in 2014, post my boot camp experience in Boston, I was actually looking for something that is based outdoors and has random workouts. I was excited to find BootCamp YELLOW listed in the search results and when I saw some known faces associated with it, I was almost certain that I will give it a try once I get back. I have been training for almost 8 months now and I see a noticeable difference in my strength and stamina levels, not to forget the inch loss. I am a morning person and BCY fits my schedule well. I can have more chocolates now without a guilt as I feel I earned it. I will certainly like to recommend it to my friends who want to challenge themselves with regards to their functional training. It's a challenging, new and short workout each day that will keep you gasping for breath within that short duration . Its the aura of the skilled and ever motivating coaches and the company of the wonderful people that makes the otherwise herculean looking workout feel easy. One very important thing to note is that the coaches lay a lot of emphasis on correct postures and techniques which ensures minimal injuries. They keep upgrading themselves with latest workouts and incorporate the same in the BCY regimen”.

- Nishu

I heard about Jatin and BootCamp YELLOW from a friend about two years back. One class and there was no looking back for me. Within a month my husband joined and in the next 3 months my 16 year old son was on board too. And this was a big deal – they both love their morning sleep and getting up at 4:30AM thrice a week is no easy feat. I guess it was the benefit they felt which motivated them (not to undermine my nagging skillsJ) Two years on, we are a hardcore BCY family and we feel so much stronger, physically and mentally.  My husband had high cholesterol and was on regular medication, which has now stopped completely! It has been nothing short of a blessing for us - the sheer satisfaction when our muscles ache or DOMS sets in, tells you that your muscles have been stretched and exercised.  We have been surprised by what we have been able to achieve. From, “really,  4:30AM in the morning?”, to 2 years later, BCY becoming an integral part of our lives. We get up at the crack of dawn (or maybe before!) to get to  class.  Vineet and I have now run half marathons - we definitely could not have done this without BCY.   It is so encouraging to see the changes in our son. He loves the workouts and pushes us during class to run faster, complete the workout quicker. If you are with him in a partner workout, please be warned J   Doing this as a family helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle overall; Our family conversations are more about muscles and workouts,  we push each other, motivate each other, on and off the field – our eating habits and way of life have transformed completely.

- Shalini