BCY Teens

BCY Teens


Growing monster of technology, academics and much advertised junk food are few of the reasons why physically inactive fat is eating into our future. About 20 percent of children are obese which puts extra weight not only on their bones and heart but also mental health 

If your child is restless, gaining weight, have low attention span or just hungry for more fun and friends, we at Bootcamp Yellow have a specially designed program, BCY teens by our head coach, Jatin Arora. The programme is strength and conditioning training program working on mechanics and consistency sans any fancy equipment and hence can be easily done anytime and anywhere

The core idea behind BCY Teens is –

·        Team every element of fitness with fun

·        Teach kids the how’s and why’s of primary movements before progressing towards complex exercises or weights

·        Differentiate between mechanics of sound and unsound movements

·        Encouraging physical literacy and raise a healthy, active generation

BCY Teens is open to every child from 13-19 and will receive a certificate of attendance at successfully completing the program 


·        A 60 min stamina building, minimalist training programme with full range motions focussing on form, balance and strengthening

·        Age appropriate, well designed strength training (mind you not weight training or body building) including light weights, resistance bands and body weights

·        Constant supervision of certified trainers and coaches to ensure the correct form and gradually introducing weights reducing the injury chances to minimal

·        A close eye will be kept on child’s performance and fitness journey for review of their goals and once they have perfected the form and basic strength exercises and the focus will shift on improving their stamina and practising advanced resistance exercises

·        Reduced chances of obesity, higher lean body mass, improved agility and overall health

·        Boosting cognitive development leading to longer attention span, better memory and overall improved academic performance

·        Decreased symptoms of depression and irritability while promoting a healthy, higher self-image and confidence

·        Better development of social skills, connecting with people, real life interactions and giving them a chance to build a fun, fit social circle

How it works

·        The programme begins with a warm up, light aerobic exercises, stretching of about 15 minutes ensuring the bones and muscles loosen up before proceeding to the actual workout , reducing the chances of injury considerably

·        The main workout will vary by degrees and not kind. Teens will be grouped based on their age and fitness levels. The basic structure will include strength exercises such as planks, push ups, pull ups, squats and mountain climbers and endurance exercises such as running, jumping and sprinting. The focus will be on ensuring the correct form and consistency and then gradually introducing weights.

·        The cool down will include basic yoga stretches, recreational fun activities and clarifying doubts, counselling regarding – rest, nutrition, hydration and basic dos and don’ts

Our program helps you

·        Be a fit conscious teen transforming into a healthy, happy adult

·        Give them a solid platform to become a future athlete

·        Improve their stamina and overall health

·        Make them more confident and less likely to give into bad habits


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