BCY Running Club

BCY Running Club

Running towards freedom/The running heaven/The free running heaven


BCY running club is a community running programme for everyone irrespective of their age, fitness level and running expertise. The speed and endurance workouts are specially designed by our trained coaches and are fit for participants of every age and fitness bracket. The idea behind the club is to encourage a sense of community, provide a social setting where you come out of homes, bring back the charm of conversations, connection and friends while saying goodbye to boredom, fat and lethargy – all this while honing your running skills. You can bring along your friends, family, parents or even kids – the club is open to all. As they say – the more, the merrier.

The foundation of this club is core BCY values –

·        Community – A sense of belonging

·        Acceptance – mutual respect for the one and all


·        A  training program designed specifically for your  goal – 5K, 10K, HM or FM

·        A designated group mentor who will be coaching, supporting  you all throughout your journey

·        The mentors will be closely evaluating your performance graph, tuning in the training progression as per your goal (5kms,10kms,21.1kms,42.2kms,ultra running)

·        Running plans, training plans will be shared via whatsapp/emails

·        The programme will cater inputs regarding do’s and don’ts of running, rest, recovery, core strengthening, stretching, basic nutrition and hydration

·        Constant interaction and support through whatsapp

·        Encouraging a fit, happy, healthy, social community of fitness enthusiasts


How it works

·         Only the people present on the designated location on the days of training will be added to the running community

·        Register and provide all the basic information regarding your current fitness level, running performance and goal

·        A coach/trainer will be assigned to you who will evaluate all your information and provide you with a weekly workout, nutrition plan. All you have to do is follow it with all dedication and honesty so that we know what are your limits and what works for you

·        A close eye will be kept on your performance and fitness journey for review of your goals.

·         At the end of 12week, you can choose a running programme to participate in. the training will be primarily be focused around that programme so that you peak at the right time. The running event will be chosen after in depth discussion and analysis of fitness journey and goals

·        On training and event days you are expected to wear Bootcamp Yellow t-shirt. It will motivate us as much it will motivate you

Our program will help you

·        Prepare for a specific running event

·        Improve 10k,HM OR FM time

·        Run an Ultra marathon

·        Have a time target for a 10k, HM or FM

·        Be a part of a fit, healthy social circle

Duration and cost

This is a free training programme and all we will charge you is your time, determination and sweat. We would appreciate if you wear the Bootcamp Yellow t-shirt to promote the sense of community. The t-shirt can be ordered directly from the online vendor


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