BCY Running Academy

BCY Running Academy

Run through the distance


Running is a simple sport sans any fancy equipment. All you need is a good pair of shoes, determination and you are ready to begin. But while running for fun is different, running a marathon is a totally different ball game, sort of a science and with overload of information available on internet it is easy to get lost in that maze and invite injury to your journey.

We, at BootCamp YELLOW believe and are committed to help you the run the best race of your life even if you are in the other corner of the world. BootCAMP YELLOW Running Academy is an online platform where anyone, anywhere, anytime can learn to run the right way, get 1 to 1 coaching support, nutrition support, rest schedule from our trained and certified team who will help you remain motivated and injury free on this journey towards  becoming a RUNNER FOR LIFE


·        A minimum 12 week running programme designed for everyone – from beginners to half marathoners, to 10k to sub 3 hours marathoners

·        The training plan will be delivered through an online platform ( web and mobile app)

·        In detailed video analysis of your running posture and form followed by corrective running drills and inputs to improve the time and pace

·        A personalized training plan developed according to your fitness level, running performance and goals - 5km, 10km, 21.1km, 42.2km, ultra running (50+kms)

·        Weekly review of running plans, workouts and performance

·        Constant interaction and coaching through whatsapp, emails, skype

·        On ground running community and support will be provided for athletes out of Gurugram


·        Register and provide all the basic information regarding your current fitness level, running performance and goal

·        A coach/trainer will be assigned to you who will evaluate all your information and provide you with a weekly workout, nutrition plan. All you have to do is follow it with all dedication and honesty so that we know what are your limits and what works for you

·        Online/one to one interaction with the Head coach regarding your progress and queries. ( weekly or fortnight as per your need )

·        A close eye will be kept on your performance and fitness journey for review of your goals. For instance you may have begun with a goal of running 10k but seeing your performance we can evaluate and let the goal remain 10k or change it to 21.1k

·        At the end of 12week, you can choose a running programme to participate in. The training will be primarily focused around that programme so that you peak at the right time. The running event will be chosen after in depth discussion and analysis of fitness journey and goals



·        Prepare for a specific running event

·        Improve your HM or FM

·        Improve your PB of a 10k,HM or FM

·        Running an Ultra Marathon

Strength and training


S&C seems to be the new fad after Pilates and keto diet.  But if you are really serious about your fitness journey then you will know it is more than a fad. It is the key to unlocking your hidden potential. S&C stands for strength and conditioning and is suitable for anyone and everyone irrespective of their fitness level and goal - If you are just a beginner confused from where to begin your fitness journey, a teenager with lots of restless energy and want stimulation without becoming a couch potato, a fitness enthusiast bored of the routine workout or a 50 year old, wondering in regret what if you would have begun 15 years ago

Strength and conditioning is a combination training programme of circuit training and bodyweight exercises focussing on strength and endurance of skeletal muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, improving cardiac functions and improving on mental toughness 

 We at BootCamp YELLOW have specially designed, efficient, training programs suitable for everyone from the age of 14 to 65 years, preparing them, toning them, motivating them to be the fittest version of themselves. The programmes are a perfect balance of strength; conditioning and recovery, making sure the muscles are not over exerted, reducing the chances of while you progress towards your fitness goals.



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