BCY Flow

BCY Flow

Flow into strength


BCY Flow is a holistic moderate intensity strength and conditioning programme specially designed by the certified trainers of Bootcamp Yellow to gently kick start your fitness journey and begin the transformation.

Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, improve your stamina, revive your fitness journey after an injury or just look and feel better, BCY Flow is the programme that will teach you the foundational movements with the right technique and gift you the joy of movement.


·        60 minutes on ground low intensity workouts, 3 days week, with certified coaches focussing on body weight strength training exercises

·        Extra attention on body weight movement patterns and body mechanics before challenging the body

·        The programme will cater inputs regarding dos and don’ts of running, rest, recovery, core strengthening, stretching, basic nutrition and hydration

·        Constant interaction and coaching through whatsapp, emails

·        Experience the warmth of a strong BCY community ensuring constant motivation and fun throughout the journey

·        Making sure you recover right, reducing the probability of injury

·        Experienced personalised guidance of trainers and running coaches throughout the programme answering all the questions from how to choose the right running gear to the nutrition to sleeping pattern

·        By the end of the programme you can feel the difference with you in the form of  fat reduction, posture correction and stamina building

·        Transforming your lifestyle from monotonous and dull to active and healthy


Our programme will help you

·        Kick start your fitness journey

·        Build stamina to run through life without much huffing and puffing

·        Ease into running after a break or injury

·        Strengthen and train muscles while reducing fat

·        Boost confidence and develop “  I can do anything “attitude

·        Unleash a transformed you


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