BCY Extreme

BCY Extreme

Unleash the X in you / unleash the X


If you are a pro athlete looking to rework your routine, an sportsperson wanting to improve your stamina, a fitness enthusiast wanting to see a ripped, chiselled reflection of them, in short really, REALLY serious about your fitness, welcome to BCY Extreme.

A high intensity transformation workout routine specially designed by the head coach and founder of Bootcamp Yellow, Jatin Arora, to awaken the rebel in you, motivating you to rebel against every physical and mental limitation you have been living with and unleash the fittest, toned, healthiest, confident version of you or like we say - X in you under the constant supervision and motivation of certified trainers will make sure you survive, the aches, the pains, the sweat, the fat burn that comes with BCY extreme

 The BCY extreme training programme works on –

·        Strength

·        Endurance

·        Power

·        Speed

·        Mobility

·        Flexibility

·        Mental conditioning

In short, a complete body destruction before building it up again


·        A 60 minute moderate to high intensity strength and conditioning workout suitable for varying ages, fitness levels, goals and body shapes

·        A scientific, balanced programme including cardio, foundational lifts, metabolic training and stretching which increases the metabolic rate, burning up calories, improving stamina, burning fat and also allowing recovery of muscles

·        Varied exercises and circuit training designed to engage and strengthen various muscle groups, boost longevity of bones, attacking flab and keep the training sessions more fun

·        A designated group mentor who will be coaching, supporting, closely evaluating your performance graph, tuning in the training progression as per your goal and ensuring injury free fitness journey

·        Detailed discussion on recovery routine, sleeping patterns, hydration and nutrition -  finding the right mix of  fats, carbs and protein for your designated goal

·        By the end of the programme you can feel the difference with you in the form of  fat reduction, posture correction, stamina building and increased lean muscle mass, improved mood, sleeping cycle and overall energy level

·        Experience the warmth of a strong BCY community ensuring constant motivation and fun throughout the sweating, screaming, transformative journey

Our programme will help you –

·        Boost your fitness journey

·        Healthy body mass index

·        Making you fall in love with exercising

·        Get lean and ripped

·        Build stamina and strengthen muscles and bones

·        Egging you to achieve more

·        Improve your performance in athletics, sports and life in general


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