Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k

Wakeup the Runner in you



The toughest journey you will go through, changing you forever, is never on the field but from the couch to your running shoes. Couch to 5K is a fantastically designed beginner running programme for all which kick-starts your fitness journey and transforms you from an expert couch potato to a rookie runner in just 6 weeks.


Whether you are beginner or starting your fitness journey after a layoff or need to shed that last 5 kg for that much awaited family event, irrespective of your age, your fitness level, your goal, couch to 5k will ease you into your fitness journey

·        Do’s and don’ts of running, nutrition, strength and conditioning

·        Analysing and improving your flexibility, breath and stride           ,

·        Making sure you recover right, reducing the probability of injury

·        Experienced personalised guidance of trainers and running coaches throughout the programme answering all the questions from how to choose the right running gear to rest and recovery to hydration to sleeping pattern

How it works

  •  It guides rookie runners through the daunting guess work behind the right technique of running.
  • Coaching, mentoring them throughout the journey, ensuring they don’t give up midway and leave the race towards their fitness goal

·        A gradual week by week build-up of stamina & fitness and helping you find your groove and pace, a perfect balance of running and walking

  • Creating realistic goals which helps them believe that they can achieve anything, motivating them and boosting their confidence


Our programme will help you

·        Kick-start your fitness journey

·        Run 5k without much huffing and puffing

·        Ease into running after a break or injury

·        Develop a strong core

·        Making you adept and addicted to higher goals

·        Boost confidence and develop “  I can do anything “attitude



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